Jekyll Upgrades, Life and So Much More...
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It’s been well over three years since I last worked properly on my website. Development on all fronts publicly had stopped and I largely dropped off the face of the internet besides my Twitter.

The major reason for this is well, college! I was accepted to RIT to study Computer Security. As this was my focus between 2019 and 2021. Life gets in the way and finds a way of coming at you fast.

The pandemic hit me really hard this last year, I’ve had several friends come and go from my life in a very short amount of time, and i’ve come on some rather difficult financial and mental health situations which have been difficult at times to navagate through.

Due to the strain I financially placed on my family due to my education, I am on my own to finish out my degree financially as well as to manage my own living expenses.

Who would have thought buying a car during the peak of a silicon shortage would be so expensive?

Well, I’m back on the horse and trying to improve. I’m working on applying to other colleges to finish my degree thanks to the loan relief provided by the current President Biden, and working dedicatedly to rework parts of my online presence!

To accomplish this, I finally made the jump to Jekyll and wanted to start using this as my blogging platform! Markdown is a million times easier to manage and honestly, the sites look amazing with all the themability! Shout out to Artem Sheludko for this amazing theme i’m using currently!

So thanks to those who look out for me, and thanks to you for reading this far! I really appreciate it!

- Crimson

Jekyll Upgrades, Life and So Much More...
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